The Alpha Institute: Streaming ahead for another 100 years


The Alpha Institute: Streaming ahead for another 100 years

The Alpha Institute is a vocational school in Kingston, Jamaica. Alpha is hosting the Jamaica International Streaming Expo in in order to contribute to a  more resilient community and help to prepare Alpha students for work in the digital age.

Best known for  its music performance programme,  Alpha recently added music technology, audio recording and production techniques, live mixing and disc jockey training to its award winning music programme.

Streaming audio and video is a critical  part of the musician’s toolkit. It is only by engaging with the format itself can we truly begin to teach students. By hosting the Expo we hope to better prepare Alpha students for work and make sure our training take into consideration industry trends and standards. 

Founded in 1880 as a place of  safety for boys and girls. Operated by the Religious Sisters of Mercy, a Catholic order of nuns, since 1890, The Alpha Institute today offers academic and vocational training as well as social support to young men 16-21 years old who benefit from low student:teacher ratio, a focus on math and english improvement and special attention given to the transition from school to work. 

Vocational training offered at the school includes  music performance and technology, barbering, landscaping and woodwork.  Every trade emphasises theory and practical  instruction with special focus on students’ transition from school to work.

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